Sunday, October 19, 2008

I found a Bike!

Here’s my bike! It’s a beach cruiser.. kinda weird, but cool at the same time: like 80 – 90% of the bikes here are those. Tranquilo bikes for tranquilo people.

Dustin and I took an afternoon to explore the “neighborhood”

Don’t really have to worry about traffic way out here

And of course a random nature pic

Pancha, one of the many dogs here on campus. What a surprise for her to wake up to chocolate cake, she attacked it

Yeah, even the pollen is bigger here!

Mateo stuck in the back ATM room, and Vevi wishing she didn’t have to help him with everything

Storm rollin’ in… or out

My cool basket I bought, had to go deliver some flowers to a friend who wasn’t having a very good week

Stella and I, got volunteered to be greeters for one of the nights of the week of prayer series. That was fun, “Bienvenidos, Hola, Que tal?”… good practice.

Downtown… university on the left, all the little shops on the right. So in the summer, they shut down the main road here for a block or two, and everyone just hangs out outside and eats ice cream till 1 am

Our morning worship group, it was a bit big this morning, we had the pastor share some stuff, so yeah, we packed like 50 people in one little dorm-sized room.

Clayshe (don’t really know how to spell that one), this is her little kitten, Catherine

How cute!

Usual sight, Mateo likes to sleep

And Romi likes to cook

Vevi and Judith

The flowers are beautiful… and it just adds to it that the girls are too

Vevi, always in blue or black

Judith, Erica, Vevi, Mateo, y Romi. Where’s a tri-pod when you need one?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday costume party

We were invited to a costume birthday party for Clayshe, roomate of Gaby and Romi. The deal was, each person she invited had to bring a rose. Well the only store we knew of close by was closed that night, so Judith and I went out around town, asking people if we could have one from their yard. We needed a few, for some friends too, so we hit up at least 4 different houses.

Originally, Mateo, Dustin and I were all going to be Argentinean soccer players, but Mateo decided to be Zorro…

…and I somehow became the sherrif

Me and Gaby, she made my vest for me

Judith wasn’t quite invited since she doesn’t know the birthday girl as well, but we kinda snuck her in anyway. They later had to make her a kinda makeshift costume

More of the group finally showed up

Romi was a cowgirl, made for a good picture

And there’s Dustin the soccer player

Zorro climbed up on the roof, so I had to go get him down and keep the peace

Lookin a little tired, prob cause things here start at like 10pm

Happy Birthday

So it’s funny here, girls for their birthdays just kinda disappear after a little while, and then they come out in a dress, it’s almost like a wedding… or a catwalk.. I guess girls from Brazil add a little more spice to everything.

We even had a clown

I love this had, belongs to Romi’s boss, I want to buy it if I can get a good deal

Tried to learn the Tango

Group picture, all the guys (and birthday girl)

And all the girls

Birthday girl with all her flowers

Did I mention they like taking pictures here?

So we were supposed to be in by like 11:45, yeah, oops, we came in close to 2:45. We get these fun little slips that basically say we can’t go out and play anymore, until we have a little chat con el preceptor. At least it was fun for the night watch guy to check us in the front gate, almost 3am, and here comes a soccer player, and then a sherrif, and then Zorro.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Diamante and stuff

Dustin and Vevi, venturing off for our trip to Diamante, a smallish town not too far away

Erica y Romi, our tour guides

You gotta go, you gotta go…

the town, leading down towards the river

…and back up to the top of town

So there’s this huge statue of Jesus

El Río Paraná

The whole gang (including Jesus)

Oh we’re such tourists!

Information board

He looks pretty tall from down here

Week of Prayer, the speaker was Ron Clouzet. His wife gave us hugs and chocolate

for some strange reason I always feel like I’m about to get slapped

our whole group after church on Sabbath

Dustin and his roommate Misael, from Peru. On the background, Gabby drew/painted the horses, she’s quite the artist

Moras! They’re mostly like blackberries, but they grow on a tree

and there’s no thorns!

So you know how doves are all a sign of peace and hope and the Holy Spirit and nice things like that… yeah, so here there’s an infestation of them here, like millions. It’s pretty much forbidden to sit under a tree, you’re an open target. I was just lingering (after picking some berries) and a paloma (dove) waaaay up in the air nailed me. I swear they aim for us.

Lunch at Judith’s house…

…so some of us had more energy than the others. This is about the time we decide who is going to be productive for the afternoon, and who is going to remain unconscious for the greater part of the day.